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Add a Time-Stamp - Just like that!

IVE accepts all video formats, including video taken on cell-phones.

Does some of your surveillance video already have a time-stamp on it? Not a problem. It will fall in line with the other videos in the project.

Adjust the Time-Stamp

Did you forget to set your camera for daylight saving time? Did your camera’s battery die and resort back to the year 1999? Not a problem. Simply adjust the time-stamp to reflect the correct time when ALL of the video was taken. If only some of the video needs to be adjusted, again, not a problem. Just place that video into its own folder, adjust the time, and it will fall in place with the other video. Simple.

Sync the Video taken from Multiple Cameras – Right to the second

Have you ever required the times from different cameras to line up seamlessly?  You can do it with IVE.  Use the Sync feature to match the end time from one camera's video with the beginning time from another camera's video.  Stop trying to line up pre-timestamped video in your current video editing program.  Have it done for you automatically!

Fast Edits

Scan quickly through every second of video, delete unwanted clips from the project and cut out shaky and blurry sections. Use IVE’s unique mouse and keyboard technique in order to edit your surveillance video faster than you ever have done before!

Company Headers, Black Screens, Title Screens, Custom Watermarks

Brand your product so that your agency stands out from the rest. Adding simple, yet custom touches to the video will set you apart from the others!


  • Take HD stills of the video. With the timestamp!
  • Remove sound
  • Export in MP4, MP2, AVI or WMV format
  • Add pictures to the project that can play like a slide-show
  • Brighten/Darken video
  • Adjust the contrast
  • Rotate video clips
  • Add a company header/footer. With sound!
  • Unlimited updates
  • Save and re-open projects
  • Manually move video clips in the project
  • Have the export split into sections, based on size
  • Watch video in player up to 8X the speed
  • Add a time-stamp to the video that requires it
  • Customize the time-stamp by size, font, and location on the video
  • Adjust the time on video so it syncs with other video chronologically
  • Add a Design Screen with Text or Photos
  • Skim through video faster than real time!
  • Use a specific editing technique to find and edit out shaky/blurry video
  • Accepts all formats of video, even from cell phones
  • Add a company watermark to brand your video

IVE’s Legal Leg-Up

It is incumbent upon private investigators to produce video suitable for their clients to present in court. It is a must for the video to have both the sound removed and a time-stamp displayed. Given the complexity of a PI’s job, it’s not uncommon to forget to set the time on cameras and this is why Investigation Video Editor can be a virtual life-saver. With IVE you can adjust the date and time that is displayed on the video to reflect what is true and this feature really comes in handy where there are multiple cameras involved with times out of sync. Using IVE means you can simply and easily sync all the times of the cameras to enable clips to align in perfect chronological order for a smooth and seamless viewing experience, which can really make the difference in court.

Until IVE, the potential (legal) problem was the possible manipulation of the digital stamp to reflect the wrong time or date, as many lawyers will concur. As a consequence, legal professionals will normally demand to see the “raw” video (video clips right out of the camera). To address this issue, IVE only utilizes the raw video clips, which are loaded into the program, with the date and time stamp displayed, allowing for the simple edit and removal of blurry or shaky parts, after which all can then be exported to the final product. That’s it! It is thus more acceptable in court as with IVE you cannot crop, adjust colors or photoshop items in or out of the video. What was shot is what you (and all interested parties) will see!

Again, unlike competing products, with IVE you can vouch honestly that the video is a true representation of events because the software cannot alter it. The investigator can swear, with confidence, that the time on his or her camera was set correctly and that IVE was used to edit the video, meaning the time-stamp is correct and true and that the footage presented is the actual “raw” video. In short, when video files are inputted into IVE, it will extract the date and time from the collected data and display it on the viewer- This date and time will be the one displayed on the final exported project, suitable for court presentation.

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Fine Print, Please Read and Understand for One-Time purchase KEYs:
You can use one KEY only once. Once a KEY has been used, it can never be used again. A single KEY is used to activate the software on a single computer from the "Trial" Version to the "Full" Version. The One-Time Purchase KEYs are non-transferable. If you get a new computer that you would like the "Full" version of IVE running on it or IVE is wiped from your current computer due to a factory reset, crash or reinstallation (sometimes an upgrade) of an operating system, this will require a new "KEY" to reactivate the software. If you have a subscription, you can use your "KEYs" to reactivate the software or transfer them from computer to computer without incurring another fee. As many times as you need to. One-Time Purchase KEYs never expire, keep the ones you did not use in storage.

A new rule for a One-Time Purchase Replacement KEY:
The replacement "KEYs" that were sold at a reduced price will no longer be available for a One-Time purchase. The new IVE subscription option has taken care of this issue.

If you are unclear on how a One-Time purchase works, how the "KEYs" are priced and their limitations, please reach out to us at with any questions before you buy, and we will be happy to explain it in further detail