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Download the Trial Version of IVE and Test

The trial version of IVE is free to use!
It is recommended that you test IVE with video taken from every different camera that you use during surveillance.

You can export as many projects as you like with the trial version. The only difference between the trial version of IVE and the full version, is the trial version adds a watermark to the exported video file. You can save the IVE projects you create while using the trial version, and after activating IVE to the full version, you can export those projects without the watermark.

Current Version: 2.1.4

Please Read - For current IVE users who are updating their Version.

The second generation of IVE has arrived!  Version 2 of IVE is vastly improved from Version 1.  Version 2 is faster with some added features and a sleek new look.

It is recommended that you record (take a screenshot) the Time-Stamp Placement and other settings from your Version 1 before you update to Version 2.  You may need to re-input the date and time-stamp placements, font, font size, and watermark properties.

Please note that IVE projects created and saved with Version 1 will not be accepted by Version 2.  As such, Design Screens built with Version 1 will also not be accepted by Version 2.  These will have to be re-created and saved by Version 2.  If, after installing Version 2, you need to open a saved IVE project that was created with Version 1, not to worry.  We can always provide you with Version 1 again to do so.

How To Get Your Free Trial Version of IVE:

  1. Click on either the Windows or Mac button (above) to download the correct IVE version for your operating system.
  2. When the download is complete, run the program.
  3. Follow the prompted steps to allow the software to access your computer.
  4. IVE will open automatically, and a shortcut will be installed on your desktop.
  5. You are now ready to use the only industry geared video editing software!


To Activate IVE to the Full Version:

  1. Follow the steps above to get IVE on to your computer.
  2. Buy a KEY from our Store.
  3. Copy and paste your KEY into the window to ensure accuracy
  4. Hit Activate

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