IVE Features

Take HD stills of the video. With the timestamp!

Remove Sound

Add Images and Video Files to Your Project

Export in MP4, MP2, AVI or WMV format

Add pictures to the project that can play like a slide-show

Brighten/Darken Video

Adjust the Contrast

Rotate Video Clips

Add a company header/footer. With sound!

Unlimited Updates

Save and Re-Open Projects

Manually Move Video Clips in the Project

Have the export split into sections, based on size

Watch video in player up to 8X the speed

Add a time-stamp to the video that requires it

Customize the time-stamp by size, font, and location on the video

Adjust the time on video so it syncs with other video chronologically

Add a Design Screen with Text or Photos

Skim through video faster than real time!

Use a specific editing technique to find and edit out shaky/blurry video

Accepts all formats of video, even from cell phones

Add a company watermark to brand your video


Download the Trial Version of IVE and see for yourself how easy it is to use the only industry geared video editing program.