IVE Features

Take HD stills of the video. With the timestamp!

Remove Sound

Export in MP4, MP2, AVI or WMV format

Add pictures to the project that can play like a slide-show

Brighten/Darken Video

Adjust the Contrast

Rotate Video Clips

Add a company header/footer. With sound!

Unlimited Updates

Save and Re-Open Projects

Manually Move Video Clips in the Project

Have the export split into sections, based on size

Watch video in player up to 8X the speed

Add a time-stamp to the video that requires it

Customize the time-stamp by size, font, and location on the video

Adjust the time on video so it syncs with other video chronologically

Add a Design Screen with Text or Photos

Skim through video faster than real time!

Use a specific editing technique to find and edit out shaky/blurry video

Accepts all formats of video, even from cell phones

Add a company watermark to brand your video


Download the Trial Version of IVE and see for yourself how easy it is to use the only industry geared video editing program.