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Private investigators MUST produce a video file for their clients with the time-stamp displayed on it.

Given the complexity of a PI's job and the cameras they use, it is not uncommon for one to find themselves in a situation where the times on their videos are incorrect, or the times from multiple cameras are not in perfect sync. And this is why Investigation Video Editor can be a virtual lifesaver! With IVE, you can adjust the date and time displayed on the video to reflect what is accurate. Using IVE means you can simply and easily sync all the times of the cameras so that they fall in perfect chronological order, and the time-stamp will show this for a smooth and seamless editing experience.

Without IVE, the potential for legal problems that other video editing programs create is because these programs do not allow a user to adjust the time-stamp. So they leave a user forced to submit a video to their clients with the incorrect time-stamp displayed and have to explain "why that is ." And why that is - is most certainly because of their mistake! Thus, their clients then have to explain this in court.

Using other editing programs can also put a video's authenticity into question. If those programs do not have the time-stamping ability, they will require a user to create a copy of video files with the time-stamp on the files. And those video files will have none of the original metadata in them. Other video editing programs provide such "altering" options as overlaying video, superimposing images, colour adjusting, mirroring, speeding up or slowing down the video down, and cropping.

IVE works with the OOC (out of camera) video clips that have the original metadata. And IVE only provides the most basic editing features that do not "alter" the video. This, combined with the ability to provide a Project Actions Report, makes a video file created and submitted by IVE more acceptable in court.

With IVE, you can vouch honestly that the final video file you create is a true representation of events captured on camera because IVE can not alter the video. And IVE provides a report that can prove it. Isn't that what you are looking for!?


Download the Trial Version of IVE and see for yourself how easy it is to use the only industry geared video editing program.