As private investigation professionals, we were constantly frustrated by the hassles of having to use multiple video editor programs to provide one, final product for our clients and in the struggles inherent with the limitations of video editing programs that were available at the time. So, instead of continuing to use subpar programs in preparing video for our clients, we instead took the proverbial bull by the horns and came up with our own private investigator software called IVE.

As veterans of the industry, we clearly saw the need for a simple, yet highly effective, video editor program. We desired a program that would consistently produce seamless and professional videos for our clients each and every time. Simply put, we wanted a user-friendly software program for private investigators void of all the unnecessary fancy fading and other special effects, along with the complicated features that do not belong in the professional editing world. Our invention became IVE, a basic video editor program that allows you to view video quickly, lets you simply cut out content you do not need and make important adjustments with ease.

Our user-friendly editing software lets you have more control over your video editing and production, far more than other programs available today. With IVE, you can use pinpoint-precision to remove video segments by scanning through video faster, and so much more!

One of the most impressive features of our IVE software is its video time stamp adjusting capability. We are all human and sometimes we forget to adjust for daylight savings time, don’t remember to change batteries on time, or come across other time-related complications during video editing. Without the ability to adjust these details, we end up delivering video to clients that comes across as sloppy and unprofessional. Fortunately for us, other programs do not give you the power to correct these problems. With IVE, you can now arrange video metadata to make sure your video is in chronological order. Now you can make a complete and polished video for your clients every time!

With IVE, editing and delivering polished and professional surveillance video has never been easier or faster. Download your free trial version or sign up for your subscription plan for Mac and Windows today!