The Investigation Video Editor Subscription

One Monthly Payment, No Contracts, No Commitments, Cancel Anytime. Easily add or subtract Keys to or from your account.

Welcome to the Investigation Video Editor subscription option. For one low monthly fee, you can have the Full Version of IVE running on at least two computers. And, now have the freedom to transfer your IVE KEYs from one computer to another.
As many times as you need to!

Base IVE package of two(2) IVE KEYs for $6.99/mo
Each addional KEY costs $1.50/mo

If you are a user, let us know, and you will receive an ever better exclusive Subscription rate!

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How your IVE Subscription will be billed.

A pay period is one month; you will be sent an invoice for the number of KEYs that you have access to on the first day of your pay period. At any time you may add or subtract KEYs to or from your account (keeping a minimum of 2).

Please note: You are billed for the number of KEYs that you have access to in your account and NOT the number of KEYs that you have activated.

You may cancel your account at any time, you will not be refunded for the days left in the pay period, and you will have access to your account until the last day of that pay period.

To start your IVE Subscription.

After you fill in the information below and send it to us, a profile will be created for you. A PayPal request will be sent to the billing email address you have provided for the total number of KEYs ordered. Once payment is received, you will be emailed login credentials to your Investigation Video Editor Subscription Manager Portal.

Please note that Klever Thoughts Inc. works on eastern time, and there may be a delay in getting your PayPal request out to you. Our office hours are 7 days a week, typically 8 am until 11 pm EST. If you submit your profile information or return the PayPal request during off-hours, there may be a delay for a few hours in getting back to you. Your billing period starts from the time you have access to your IVE Subscription Manager Portal, and not from the time you send the payment.

To get started with your Investigation Video Editor Subscription, please fill in the information below and hit SUBMIT ORDER. If you immediately receive a confirmation email, that means we successfully received your info!

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How many KEYs would you like in your Subscription?

Base IVE package of two (2) IVE KEYs for $6.99/month
Each additional KEY costs $1.50/month

Amount: $6.99/month