Download Your Own Private Investigator Software

As surveillance video editors ourselves, we know how frustrating video editing software online can be, especially when it does not possess the features you need to get the job done right. That is why we have created Investigation Video Editor, the ideal video editor program to help you make a seamless and professional-quality video for your clients. With IVE video editing software online you can now:

  • Add a video timestamp
  • Cut out shaky footage and blurry frames
  • Scan video faster than real time
  • Take screen captures while editing
  • Adjust brightness/contrast as needed

With Investigation Video Editor, you now have more control over your video editing experience than ever before. Do you need to realign time stamps, need to cut out blurry frames, or do you need to erase excess noise from your video? Whatever you need, IVE can help!

We are confident that our video editing software has the features you need to provide the best video. With so many more features than other editing programs, IVE gives you the power to produce the quality product you have been looking for.  Please give IVE software a try today!

For a free trial download of IVE software, follow the steps below to properly download a copy of the video editing software online onto your operating system.

Give It A Try!

Please select the correct version for your operating system and enjoy all that IVE pro video editing software has to offer.

How To Download Your Free Trial Version:

  1. Select the link below to download the IVE software.
  2. When the download is complete, run the program.
  3. Follow the prompted steps to allow the software to access your computer.
  4. IVE will open automatically and a shortcut will be installed on your desktop.
  5. You are now ready to use the only industry geared editing software!????

Note: The trial version adds a watermark on the final export. To publish video editing projects without a watermark, please download a licensed version of the software.