We’re confident in exclaiming that Investigation Video Editor is the best private investigator software available online! Employing our customized video editor program, you can reap the benefits of a myriad of vital features that other programs simply do not have. As video editors ourselves, we created IVE to address the many deficiencies of competing video editing products thus enabling you to effectively and easily produce the highest-quality video presentations possible. In our experience, competing video editor programs simply do not have the features you need to produce cohesive, legally compliant and effective video for your clients.

Our objective in embarking upon this commercial endeavor was to provide superlative video editing software that would output a seamless product for your valued clientele. Our innovative capabilities enhance the investigation video editing experience for you to easily and confidently deliver top-quality videos each and every time.

With IVE, you can accomplish so much more than ever before! Our new and improved editing program has all the features you need and desire.

What our user-friendly interface can do for you:

  • An easy and fast way to sync and edit your investigation videos
  • Seamlessly synchronize video from multiple cameras
  • Edit mismatched timestamps from existing video
  • Add timestamps to multiple video formats
  • Professional, high-quality editing, sure to impress your clients
  • Effortlessly remove shaky and unwanted footage
  • Save screen shot stills of specific frames while editing
  • Adjust sound and brightness on-the-fly

Investigation Video Editor brings on enhanced video editing capability, made available online via our convenient subscription model. We are confident that our extraordinary editing capabilities will allow you to deliver the utmost in quality video that you need for your clients. Discover the difference of our pro video editing software that is made by and for private investigators. Download your free trial today or take the plunge and sign up now for the monthly subscription!