How to activate FULL version.

  1. Download the Trial version and run the installer file. (Windows or MAC) Download
  2. Open IVE and read the accompanying instructions so that you are familiar with all of the features and the editing method.
  3. TEST IT! TEST IT! TEST IT! Please make sure that IVE works with all the video formats you use.
  4. If it works with your system and you are satisfied with it, purchase a license key(s) from this website. The key(s) will appear on the screen and an email will be sent containing them as well.
  5. While online, open IVE, a window with a space to enter the license key will appear. Copy and paste the key from the email to ensure accuracy, and make sure there are no spaces before or after the characters. Then hit the “Activate” button.

The full version of IVE without the export watermark will now be activated and set to that computer.